Donna Jean Lowery Scholarship

Donna Jean Lowery Scholarship is given to an individual with a severe disability either planning on attending a college or university or currently attending a college or university in the state of Michigan. To apply students must fill out the answers below. All essays are due by February 21st at 5 pm est and should be submitted via e-mail to Julie Lowery: and Justin Caine:, with the heading, "Donna Jean Lowery Scholarship Essay" or to Justin Caine, CEO of Beyond our Barriers at 5312 S. Pennsylvania Ave. Lansing, MI 48911.

The scholarship winner will be notified on February 28th and the scholarship will be awarded at the first Annual Mi-DEC conference on Wednesday, March 21.

Scholarship Nomination Questionnaire:

  1. Tell us about your self, why are you pursuing a degree, what is your major and degree goal?
  2. How would you compare your drive for education to Donna’s drive to continue her fight without giving up?
  3. How will you use your degree to advocate for disabilities and independent living?
  4. School you do or do you plan to attend?
  5. What year are you or when will you start?

Disability Services for Students Scholarship 

Disability Services for Students at Western Michigan University offers a limited number of scholarships per academic year for students with disabilities identified with DSS. Applications must be made by March 30, 2018, and, if selected, will be awarded for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Scholarship Listings

A listing of scholarship opportunities according to various disability types.