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Photo of DSS staff and Gator golfcart

DSS Gator vehicle


Western Michigan University Disability Services for Students provides on-campus transportation to students with temporary mobility conditions. Students will get curb-to-curb service from on-campus buildings to other on-campus buildings.



Western Michigan University is a comparatively large campus with 39 miles of sidewalk and 26.5 lane miles of roadway. There are approximately 96 buildings on and around main campus, though not all are student related. These facts alone impact how all students, staff, faculty and visitors are able to navigate the campuses, especially for students with conditions involving mobility.

Fortunately, WMU offers a variety of transportation methods, some of which apply only to students with disabilities. All students may use:

        Valley Express, Brown and Gold main campus buses – continuous
                service from early morning to late evening

        Other Campuses – Oakland, Parkview and Aviation have shuttles
                regularly during fall and spring semesters

        Community Metro Transit – buses to downtown Kalamazoo, Kendall
                St. and W. Main St. leave WMU at regular intervals

Students with temporary (broken leg, injury recovery, etc.) disabilities may qualify for temporary ride services through Disability Services for Students.

Metro Transit - off campus to campus

Bus parked in front of Metro Transit building

Bronco Transit - on campus

Pictures of maps and buses on campus

Metro County Connect - (County-wide transportation for persons with disabilities) off campus to campus

Bus with doors open and chair lift

Gator rides - temporary, short-term, on campus

Temporary transportation vehicle