Senior Day Services Welcomes Pretty Lake Campers

WMU Senior Day Services welcomed 14 camp ambassadors and five staff members from Pretty Lake Camp in July to engage in multigenerational activities.

During their visit, campers engaged participants in several activities including nature art, skit performances and sing-a-long songs.

SDS participant Frank recalled his experience as a pretty lake camper 88 years ago.  Campers enjoyed hearing about Frank’s experiences as a Pretty Lake Camper.

Pretty Lake Camp, a non-profit community organization located in Mattawan, has provided a cost-free summer camp experience to over 50,000 at-risk youth from Kalamazoo County. Campers in 10th and 11th grades may apply to the ambassadors program if they possess a strong desire to grow and push themselves to become strong leaders, team players and caring citizens of their community. This program is a non-traditional camp program in that campers come together throughout the year, including monthly meetings and two camp sessions during the summer. Throughout the summer, they engage in community service activities.

Liza Rouse, coordinator and registered nurse at SDS commented on the day, “It was a great experience for both campers and participants at SDS. Our participants enjoyed the fun energy and reminiscing about some of their own camp experiences. The campers who attended had an opportunity to engage with older adults in a meaningful way.”