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Site-specific menu

Vegan Dining apple

The number of vegan dining students has doubled since 2005, which is why WMU Dining Services has recently shifted some of its focus to this area. WMU Dining Services offers a number of vegan items as part of our daily menu options. Here are some highlights from our services that focus on vegan dining:

Vegan entrées featured in our menu cycle

Bean and Rice Enchilada; Ope’s Black Bean Burger; Ope’s Veggie Burger; Chickpea Ratatouille; Vegetable Hummus Wrap; Vegan Burrito; Vegetable Fajita; Vegetable Stir-Fry with Tofu; Vegetarian Jambalaya; Vegetable Lo Mein; Spinach Nut Salad; Spanish Rice with Pinto Beans; Bean Taco

For a more extensive list of vegan items please view our vegan dining guide.