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Dietary Guidelines

The Dietary Guidelines summarizes and synthesizes knowledge about nutrients, food and exercise into science-based advice for choosing a nutritious diet, maintaining a healthy weight, achieving adequate exercise, and "keeping foods safe" to avoid food borne illness.

Standard Serving Sizes

WMU Dining Services works to provide standardized serving sizes to our customers. However, occasionally portion sizes may vary slightly.

Special Dietary Needs

Students with special dietary needs can work with our team to ensure a positive dining experience while on campus. View and download the allergen brochure to review the Dining Services available.

Vegan Options

WMU Dining Services offers a number of vegan items as a part of our daily menu options.

Gluten Friendly Options

Several gluten friendly food items are available daily.

Nut Allergy Brochure

For those with allergies, please refer to the WMU Dining Services list of menu items containing peanuts and nuts. Dining Services purchases products from facilities that process peanuts and tree nuts. To be absolutely sure that a product has not come in contact with peanuts or tree nuts, please ask a Dining Services manager or employee to see ingredient labels.

Trans Fats

Trans fat free frying oil is used exclusively in WMU Dining Services. As WMU Dining Services is concerned about the health of the students, we now use only trans fat free frying oil for frying.

Healthy Eating for WMU Students

View the presentation from Judy Gipper, R.D., Director of Dining Services.

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Go, Slow and Whoa Foods

Use this chart as a guide to help you make smart food choices.

For more information contact:
Kelsey Schuring, RD
Manager of Nutrition Services
(269) 387-4888