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Bistro 3 logo
WMU Dining Services Bistro3 Video Transcript

Music begins, the Bistro3 logo appears.

Video pan shot of Fresh Creations food station.

Student employee making a wrap with streaming text: Custom Wraps, Sandwiches and Salads.

Student making a pasta bowl with streaming text: Make your own pasta bowl.

Student 1 (female at Fresh Creations): “I love coming here with all my friends for all the great options and the food tastes great!”

Student at pizza station with streaming text: Specialty Pizzas and make your own Pizzas.

Student 2 (male at Fresh Creations): “Oh the pizza is very good, they serve fresh pizza, they taste very good, the pizza is very tasty!”

Student 3 (male at Fresh Creations): “Yah it’s really good!”

Video pan of Blazin' Bronco sign with streaming text: Grilled Sandwiches and House Fries.

World Flavors station with streaming text: Carved Meats, Fresh Baked and Vegetarian Entrées.

Two students placing their order at World Flavors with streaming text: and Stir-fry.

Employee (female at World Flavors): “At World Flavors, we have a stir-fry of your choice where you pick ingredients that goes in, and we cut and prepare all vegetables fresh every day.”

Western Grounds sign, photo of a male student getting coffee with streaming text: Certified Fair Trade, Organic Coffee and “Coffee to Go.”

Student employee serving a student at the Sweet Sensations with streaming text: Desserts of the Day, Shakes and Ice Cream.

Photo of Ice Cream

Bistro3 logo.

Dining Services logo.

Fades to black.

Music stops.