Text Inspired by the article "What Ever Happened to Teen Romance" by Benoit Denizet-Lewis, "SexyTeenLoveIdol.net and Other Digital Dances" was concieved to explore the relationships between teens and technology, and how technology changes the relationships between teens. This event was the last major collaborative project for the Digital Media in the Performing Arts Innovation Grant. It combined nearly all of the technologies we had used for Doctor Faustus - live motion capture and stereoscopic 3D projections - with telematic video, wireless video and web-based interaction.

Production Photographs.


The first half of the concert featured "Undertow" a ballet where the dancers seemed to dance on water, complete with ripples and wakes. It also employed live motion capture to generate partlie-based characters for the ending. "Undertow: was sandwiched between two fully digital dances, "Surgery" and "Robo," both of which used motion capture to create impossible movement and exploited the choreographic potential of the camera.

The second half, known as SexyTeenLoveIdol.net, used a variety of techniques to explore relationships between teens and technology. "Sextet Duet", about the perspective of relationships, was presented simultaneously live, on an LCD monitor viewed from behind, and from a ground-level camera projected behind the performers. "2fas2" featured 11 dancers engaged in contemporary communications, backed by stereoscopic 3D projections of alphanumerics and networks. "Telematic Duet" tracers the arc of a web cam romance, with one performer live and the other dancing remotely but appearing live on moving LCD monitors.

The concert created number of unique moments and relationships that we will certainly explore in future works.

Project Team.

David Curwen

Kevin Abbott