New Features

New features and additional functionality become available with each course of CPMP-Tools. For details on the latest features and special help tips, choose a course-specific link: Course 1, Course 2, Course 3, or Course 4.


About the Help Menu

Analogous to the structure of CPMP-Tools, Help topics are course-specific. First select a particular course at the left. You will then see an Introduction for the course you have chosen. At this point, you may view help for any of the main strand-specific tools or view the individual instructions pages for the available custom tools by clicking on the appropriate links.


General Information

CPMP-Tools is a suite of Java-based mathematical software, specifically designed to support student learning and problem solving in each strand of Core-Plus Mathematics. The software includes four families of programs: algebra, geometry, statistics, and discrete math. Each content-area tool includes specific custom tools and built-in copies of many data sets used in investigations and homework.