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Geology and Geologists


What is Geology and What Do Geologists Do?

“Geo” means “earth” and “logy” means “study”.  Geologists  study geosphere- the earth, hydrosphere- the water, atmosphere- the air and biosphere- the life. They find and manage natural resources like minerals, water, oil and gas. They study earthquakes and volcanoes to help us to avoid being harmed by natural disasters.

Download a poster with photos of geologists at work.

Why is it important to learn about geology

Geoscientists follow paths of exploration and discovery to solve society's most challenging problems such as:

  • Predicting the behavior of earth systems. Finding adequate supplies of natural resources.
  • Conserving soils and maintaining agricultural productivity.
  • Maintaining quality of water supplies.
  • Reducing human suffering and property loss from natural hazards.
  • Predicting the impact of human activities on natural environments.
  • Defining the balance between demand for natural resources and sustainability .
  • Understanding global climate patterns.

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