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The Council for Interior Design Accreditation

Portfolio Review Policy - Interior Design

To apply for the portfolio review and gain acceptance into the upper division of the curriculum:

  1. Students must complete and achieve a 3.0 grade point average in the following courses in order to be eligible for the Portfolio Review and to enroll in the upper level course sequence.
    • FCS 1490 Design Communication I: Architectural Drawing
    • FCS 1500 Introduction to Interior Design
    • FCS 1560 Design Theory
    • FCS 1570 Sketching for Interior Design
    • FCS 2200 Textiles
    • FCS 2490 Residential Architectural Design
    • FCS 2510 Period Interiors I
    • FCS 2540 Materials for Interiors: Hard Finishes
    • *FCS 2500 Interiors CADD Applications
    • *FCS 2520 Period Interiors II
    • *FCS 2550 Lighting for Interiors
    • FCS 2560 Materials for Interiors Soft Finishes
    • *FCS 2590 Studio I
      * Students must have completed or be enrolled in these courses at the time of the Portfolio Review.
  2. The university overall grade point average must be no less than 2.5 both prior to the review and upon completion of the spring semester in which the student participates in the Portfolio Review.

The review will consist of a 20 minute presentation by the student to the Interior Design faculty, a personal essay addressing strengths and weaknesses, a response to a selected statement and a portfolio of the student’s work showing ability in, 2D and 3D design, drafting, freehand drawing, lettering, color and material selection, sample board assembly, etc.

Up to eighteen (18) students will be selected from the portfolio review applicants each year to continue in the upper sequence of course work. Students who are denied advancement may appeal the decision of the portfolio review. Students may also retake courses before reapplying for portfolio review the following spring semester. The student should seek the advice of interior design faculty prior to making a decision to re-apply for the review.