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Food Service Administration

Program Description

This program emphasizes knowledge of food preparation and service and management of food service operations and provides a unique concentration in sustainable food systems. The flexible curriculum allows students to develop expertise in several areas related to the food service field. Graduates of the food service administration program pursue supervisory and management positions in commercial food facilities, long-term care facilities, hospital food service departments, corporate food service, hotels and resorts, governmental food agencies, school food service, and sales positions in food distribution and equipment manufacturing.


The College of Education and Human Development Advising Office assists students in planning their studies.




For class listings, program guides and other resources, visit the advising page for the food service administration major.

Field Experience/Internship

The Professional Experience Program allows students to extend their academic work with on-the-job training in restaurant and catering businesses and at institutional food service sites. The program is supervised by WMU faculty in cooperation with management personnel in the field.

FCS 2020 Field Experience (3 credits)

Food Service Administration majors earn three credits toward graduation by completing 300 hours of supervised field experience. Field experience offers students the opportunity to apply theories and principles from their academic program to real world situations, as well as gain valuable work experience. Field experience may be completed during the fall, spring or summer sessions.

FCS 4290 Internship (3 to 6 credits)

Food Service Administration majors may elect to complete an internship as part of their program of study. Internships provide students with management-level training experience with leading industry firms during the late-junior or senior year. Faculty approval and late-junior or senior standing are prerequisites for enrollment for Internship credit.

To plan a Field Experience or Internship, contact Dr. Barbara Frazier at or (269) 387-3719.