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The Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics

Dietetic Community Service Program (DCSP)

Program DescriptionFriends Dinner

Dietetic students choose to participate in DCSP for the following reasons:

  1. Volunteer experience is an important aspect of the internship application.
  2. Learning experiences with mentors (dietitians).
  3. Benefits both the student and the community.
  4. Allows students to work alongside professionals in their field.
  5. Promotes professional development.
  6. Variety of placements allows students flexibility in selecting mentorships.
  7. Obtain a certificate of completion to include in the internship application portfolio.

DCSP Objectives

This program is a partnership of the South West Michigan District Dietetic Association (SWMDDA), WMU Dietetics Program, and WMU Student Dietetic Association (SDA).


Fall Semester

September (first week of class)

DCSP applications are due September 12th, 2014. Please place application form and $5 insurance fee for the year in the yellow folder outside of Dr. Rojhani’s office (3220 Kohrman Hall)


All students should be placed at a specific location.

November WMU Health and Wellness Expo
Reminder will be sent out to all students and their mentors that mid-term evaluation forms need to be completed turned in by the end of the semester.

December (first week)

Hand in Student Evaluation Handout.

Winter Semester

January (first week of class)

Volunteering continues at the beginning of the semester.




Welcome new juniors as committee members.
Publication of DCSP newsletter

April (second week)

Hand in Student Evaluation Handout.
Certificates will be awarded to volunteers at last SDA meeting of the year.

Applications are accepted once a year at the beginning of the fall semester. See calendar for deadline date. Please submit a $5.00 liability insurance fee with your application. Please make checks payable to Western Michigan University or send in cash. Please note that you are required to commit a three hour block per week.

Committee Members

Executive Secretary
Lilibeth Tourney

Mentor Coordinator
Renee Janisse

Public Relations
Chelsea Jackle

Faculty Advisor
Arezoo Rojhani


All WMU dietetic students are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the DCSP. To become a volunteer, complete an application and turn it in with a $5 liability insurance fee to the yellow folder outside of Dr. Rojhani's office (3220 Kohrman Hall). All applications are accepted and those wanting to participate will be placed as volunteers.

New Volunteer Application

Print Version. Print out the application, complete it, attach the $5 liability insurance fee, bring it to Dr. Rojhani’s office (3220 Kohrman Hall) and leave it for the DCSP committee.

Application Renewal

It is important that you reapply each year with a renewal application to let us know of your intention to service again as a volunteer as well as to update your preferences. Turn in an application with a $5 liability insurance fee to Dr. Rojhani’s office (3220 Kohrman Hall).

Questions? Email Beth Tourney:

Evaluation Forms
At the end of each semester both the student and the mentor will complete an evaluation.

The feedback offered in the evaluation forms helps DCSP Coordinating Committee provide the necessary support to make the dietetic service opportunity more meaningful for both the student and the mentor.

Submit all evaluation forms as an email attachment to Dr. Rojhani at .


Volunteers' Experiences

Volunteers tell of their experiences...

Brittany Grison (2013), Fountains at Bronson Foodservice

brittanyDuring the fall semester of my sophomore year, I volunteered at the Fountains at Bronson through DCSP. My volunteering consisted of meeting patients at the facility and asking them about the foods they did and did not like and possible diet concerns that the dietitian and cooks on staff would need to be aware of. I also helped put stickers on each of the patients meal plans regarding allergies, boots, or if they couldn't deal with hot items. This experience helped me learn to be aware of allergies with certain patients, what boosts are and why they would be needed, and learning what nectar was and how it helped patients. This volunteer experience taught me to be patient and really understand the special dietary needs for the patients. The dietitian is very friendly and willing to teach you any questions you have or things that you want to learn from. I would recommend others because you get to work at a nursing home but at the same time there wasn't too much to do there.

Beth Tourney (2012), TenderCare Nursing  Home

Beth TourneyLast year (Fall 2012), I was able to volunteer at TenderCare Nursing Home in Kalamazoo. My mentor Laurel Penga who is one of the registered dietitians in that facility was able to give me the opportunity to exercise my communications skills when meeting with her every time (once a week) before I start work. During my volunteer time there, I was able to practice taking food preferences with new admit and current residents, do nutrition assessments, and calculations of BMI as required to update their charts and files. I was also able to experience hands-on practice of food preparations I have learned from Culinary Skills, and Quantity Foods class. Some of the duties I did at the food service area includes preparation a portion of the resident's meal such as cooking side dishes, making desserts, serving food according to correct portions to each residents during lunch hours, and using the kitchen equipment/machines that I have learned from Institutional Management course. We even organized a fun Thanksgiving meal event that was appreciated by all residents. Overall, I have enjoyed the shadowing experience under my mentor. It definitely enlightened me about the logistics and dynamics involved being a dietitian in a nursing home facility setting. I am now looking forward to my next DCSP volunteer experience at Borgess Hospital Diabetes and Endocrine Center this semester (Fall 2013). My experience as a student volunteer lead me to enforce the positive outcome that DCSP program offers to Dietetics students by becoming a member serving with other DCSP committees. Go, and grab the great opportunities that this program offers because it will only broaden your knowledge and it's a good way to help with your career as future Dietitians!

Volunteer Opportunities

How can I be a part of the DCSP?

All WMU dietetic students are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the DCSP. To become a volunteer, complete an application to be sent to the committee members for review. All applications are accepted and those wanting to participate will be placed as volunteers.

What does a DCSP volunteer do?

A DCSP volunteer makes a yearly commitment (minimum of three hours per week) to volunteer at one of the DCSP locations. Completing a DCSP application as soon as you decide to study dietetics will assure your ability to achieve at least 72 hours of field experience prior to applying for your internship. At the end of your DCSP experience you will complete a student evaluation form. Mentors will evaluate their experience with each student (please remind your mentor to send us the completed mentor evaluation).

Where can I volunteer with the DCSP?

Our "Mentor" locations are categorized into three different fields of dietetics: Clinical, Community, and Food Service. There are currently 10 different locations to choose from and over 25 volunteer positions.


  1. Borgess Hospital (TouchPoint) Outpatient Dietitian – Joyce Ross RD
    - 10 possible volunteer positions
  2. Borgess Hospital – Wendi Sullivan RD
    - Diabetes Center
    - 2 possible volunteer positions
  3. Bronson Hospital – Diane Delhey RD
    - Nutrition Services, Inpatient MNT and rounds in the ICU
    - 2 volunteer positions
  4. Spectrum Health Blodgett Hospital- Jennifer Hauck RD
    - 1 volunteer needed
  5. Alamo Nursing Home – Valerie Keich RD
    - Working directly with patients, getting feedback, and some foodservice
    - 1 volunteer position

Food Service

  1. Tendercare Nursing Home – Laurie Sutton
    - Food service and some clinical work.  Various location choices.
    - Long term care
    - Up to 4 positions each at the Kalamazoo, Wyoming, Holland, and Marshall
  2. Battle Creek VA Medical Center- Karen Maye
    - 1 volunteer at a time for Healthy Teaching Kitchen classes
    - 1 for MOVE! Weight management program
  3. Borgess Gardens- Angie McKimmy
    - 2 volunteers needed
  4. Gospel Mission- Chris White (Foodservice director)
    - As many volunteers as possible


  1. MSU Extension Van Buren – Diana Hassan
    - Health fairs and community nutrition/education
    - 1 volunteer position