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Student Conduct Code

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Student Conduct

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I just received a letter charging me with a violation of the Student Code, what is going to happen? What are my rights?

Resource Description

The process to request an appeal.

Charges and Hearings

Understanding the charges and hearing process regarding an alleged violation(s) of the Student Code by a WMU student. 

Community Living Expectations (CLE)

Policy book outlining the responsibilities as a student and a residence hall community member.



Expunge Conduct Record

Students can request to have their disciplinary record expunged if certain conditions are met.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Student conduct frequently asked questions.


Jurisdiction of the University.

Parental Notification

Parental notification is necessary in certain situations.


Sanctions may be imposed upon students found to be responsible for violation of the Student Code.

Student Rights

A breakdown of basic and academic rights.