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Comparative Drama Volume 48Spring/Summer 2014 • No. 1,2
Special Issue: The Audience As Player: Interactive Theater Over the Years

Guest Editor, Sidney Homan

This volume contains the following contributions:

Introduction: “What Have You Learned Today?”

Sidney Homan

“Oh My God, Audience Participation”: Some Twenty-First Century Reflections

Elizabeth Sakelleridou

Bearing Witness and Taking Action: Audiences and Morality in Renaissance Tragedy and Activist Street Theater

Horacio Sierra

School for Democracy: Interactive Theater in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia

Tatyana Prokhorova and Vera Shamina

On Aggro Performance: Audience Participation and the Dystopian Response to The Living Theatre’s Paradise Now

James Penner

Precarious Presence in Contemporary Theater

Natascha Siouzouli

“It’s Crazy, That Was Us”: The Implicated and Compliant Audience in The Boys of Foley Street

Nelson Barre

The Tragic Spectator: Pig Iron Theatre Company’s Pay Up

Robert Quillen Camp

Dreamers and Insomniacs: Audiences in Sleep No More and The Night Circus

Jennifer Flaherty

Clean Up on Aisle Six: Closing the Gap Between Spectator and Performance in Uli Jaeckle’s Discounter

Brian Rhinehart

The Interactive Theater of Video Games: The Gamer as Playwright, Director, and Actor

Daniel Homan and Sidney Homan