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Comparative Drama Volume 49 Spring 2015 • No. 1

This volume contains the following contributions:
Moscow, St Petersburg, London: Hubert Griffith and the Search for a Russian Truth

Claire Warden

The Tragicomic Moment: Republicanism in Beaumont and Fletcher’s Philaster

Judy H. Park

Vondel’s Brothers and the Power of Imagination

Stijn Bussels

Brothers and ‘Gentles’ in The Life of King Henry the Fifth

Maurice Hunt

The Drama of Reform: Theology and Theatricality, 1461-1553, by Tamara Atkin

reviewed by Clifford Davidson

Documentary Trial Plays in Contemporary American Theater, by Jacqueline O'Connor

reviewed by Leopold Lippert

The Ingenious Simpleton: Upending Imposed Ideologies through Brief Comic Theatre, by Delia Méndez Montesinos

reviewed by Corey A. Reed

Moving Shakespeare Indoors: Performance and Repertoire in the Jacobean Playhouses,
edited by Andrew Gurr and Farah-Karim-Cooper

reviewed by Joel Benabu

Singing Simpkin and other Bawdy Jigs: Musical Comedy on the Shakespearean Stage: Scripts, Music and Context, by Roger Clegg and Lucie Skeaping

reviewed by Catherine Henze

The End of Satisfaction: Drama and Repentance in the Age of Shakespeare, by Heather Hirschfeld

reviewed by William Junker

Shaw’s Settings: Gardens and Libraries, by Tony Jason Stafford

reviewed by Christopher Wixson