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Comparative Drama Volume 48 • Winter 2014 • No. 4

This volume will contain the following contributions:
Heywood's Epic Theater

Mark Bayer

“I’ll Find a Day to Massacre Them All”: Tamora in Titus Andronicus and Catherine de Médicis

Jo Carney

Theater of Transposition: Charles Dullin and the East Asian Theater

Min Tian

Tedium: An Essay on Drag, Attunement, Theater and Translation

Loren Kruger

Religion Around Shakespeare, by Peter Iver Kaufman

reviewed by Cyndia Clegg

Dramaturgy of Sound in the Avant-Garde and Postdramatic Theatre, by Mladen Ovadija

reviewed by Ross Brown

The Age of Thomas Nashe: Text, Bodies and Trespasses of Authorship in Early Modern England

reviewed by Jason Scott-Warren

Shakespeare’s Unreformed Fictions, by Gillian Woods

reviewed by Phebe Jensen

John Lowin and the English Theatre, 1603-1647: Acting and Cultural Politics on the Jacobean
and Caroline Stage
, by Barbara Wooding

reviewed by Matthew Steggle

The Drama of Reform: Theology and Theatricality, 1461-1553, by Tamara Atkin

reviewed by Clifford Davidson

Moving Shakespeare Indoors: Performance and Repertoire in the Jacobean Playhouses,
edited by Andrew Gurr and Farah-Karim-Cooper

reviewed by Joel Benabu

Unruly Women: Performance, Penitence, and Punishment in Early Modern Spain by Margaret Boyle

reviewed by Hilaire Kallendorf