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Comparative Drama Volume 49Fall 2015 • No.3

This volume will contain the following contributions:
Langston Hughes and Performing Transnational Presence: Scottsboro Limited and Harvest

Ramona Tougas

Re-Proofing the ‘Zero Part of Speech’ in Hamlet
John Freeman
Food Production in the Croxton Play of the Sacrament

Ernst Gerhardt

The Social Meaning of Money in Dekker’s The Shoemaker’s Holiday and Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice

Huey-ling Lee

Staging Women and the Soul-Body Dynamic in Early Modern England, by Sarah E. Johnson

reviewed by Ariane M. Balizet

At Work in the Early Modern English Theater: Valuing Labor, by Matthew Kendrick

reviewed by Elizabeth Rivlin

Marlowe’s Ovid: The Elegies in the Marlowe Canon, by M. L. Stapleton

reviewed by Bruce Brandt

Suzan-Lori Parks in Person: Interviews and Commentaries, edited by Philip C. Kolin and Harvey Young

reviewed by Valerie Joyce

The Queen’s Dumbshows: John Lydgate and the Making of Early Theater, by Claire Sponsler

reviewed by Emma Lipton

Comparative Drama Volume 49 • Winter 2015 • No.4
Special Issue: The Actor and the Interval

This volume will contain the following contributions:

'Now keep out of the way, Whitelaw': Self-Expression, Agency and Directorial Control in Yeats's and Beckett's Theater

Hannah Simpson

Deafness and Dominance: Analyzing The Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Production of To Kill a Mockingbird

Maureen McDonnell

Weeping Mothers Shall Applaud”: Sarah Yates as Margaret of Anjou on the London Stage, 1797

Sarah Burdett

“Where’s Tarleton?”: The Contentious Chaucerian Afterlife of Elizabeth’s Most Famous Clown

James Conlan