Guidelines for including graphics or images in Comaprative Drama submissions:

Graphics must be scanned as TIFF files, at a minimum of 300dpi, using the gray-scale setting (even if the original image is in color: this results in a higher-quality final version for printing, and it also reduces the file size). Graphics that are particularly detailed, such as those that include line art or any type of text, should be scanned at a minimum of 1200dpi. If you obtain the image as an electronic file (i.e., you do not have a hard copy that you are scanning yourself), it must be provided as a TIFF or JPEG file (TIFF is preferred, as it produces the best quality for printing) at a minimum of 300dpi: Do not adjust the image resolution from a low setting to a higher setting using any type of photo software (increasing resolution of an image that has been scanned at a lower resolution will not improve image quality). Please provide any special cropping instructions if applicable. Please send all graphic files titled by figure number, followed by your surname (e.g., "Figure1Smith"). Please send captions in a Word file (all graphics must include complete, numbered captions): see CMS for style instructions and specific details to include. (Note: Captions must include reproduction rights and copyright information, as applicable.) Please ensure that each figure is referred to in numerical order in the article's text: e.g., "(see fig. 1)", etc. Images will be placed throughout the article as close as possible to the first textual reference unless otherwise instructed (i.e., if you want all of the images placed together at the end of your article, please note this in the caption file).

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