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School of Communication

Graduate Advising

Dr. Heather Addison

Director of Graduate Studies

Heather Addison
(269) 387-2901
Sprau Tower, Room 315 (third floor)

Dear Students,

As the Director of Graduate Studies, I am determined to do everything in my power to help you navigate successfully through our master’s degree program. However, mentoring you in your pursuit of specialized knowledge and expertise requires the collective skills of the School of Communication. Our faculty members are committed to serving you as your mentors and primary advisors. We consider graduate advising to be our collective responsibility.

First-year students, please contact me directly for any help regarding enrollment, courses, or problems you may face in a new program of study, new university, new place, or new country.

Please note, however, that you have been assigned a temporary advisor. In your first semester, you should meet with your temporary advisor to discuss your academic and professional goals. He/she will discuss program options with you, help you with the selection of your second semester courses, and guide you through the process of finding a permanent advisor.

You should select a permanent advisor before the end of your second semester. Your permanent advisor should be someone with whom you share research and professional interests and with whom you can work well.  Your permanent advisor will help you design your permanent program, direct your capstone experience, and assist you in selecting the other members of your capstone committee. You will depend a great deal on your permanent advisor to meet your academic and professional goals, so choose carefully.

Although your permanent advisor will be your primary advisor, I will always be available to you. Please feel free to meet with me to discuss any concerns you have as a graduate student.  Even if you have no apparent problems, I encourage you to visit me at least once each semester.  Thank you.

Heather Addison
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