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Grant Program: Telehealth Resources Center Grant Program

Due Date: April 2013(estimated)

Purpose: This program is designed to specifically provide technical assistance for rural health clinics in providing better health care through telehealth services. It is essential that the program developed be a regional or national entity. Partners can include other nonprofits or national associations.

Funding Award: There will be 8-9 programs funded with the average award being $325,000 for three years.

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Grant Program: Telehealth Network Grant Program

Due Date: It is anticipated that the FOA will be released in January 2013 and the deadline for the grant proposal will be March or April 2013.

Purpose: The focus of the grant is to support existing rural telehealth programs in the US, provide better outcomes for their clients who utilize technology for chronic disease management. The funding provided is to assist these organizations in expanding their programs. 40% of the funding may be utilized for equipment. Emphasis is on chronic disease management. Diabetes is their priority.

Funding Awards: Funding is $250,000 for three years. Approximately 8-9 applicants will be funded.

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