Title: GlobSMART: A Global Strategy to promote Mobile Aiding and Robotics Technology

As global interconnectedness increases, addressing health and wellness problems from a purely national standpoint is becoming ineffective. Health problems such as diabetes and obesity in the developed world, and influenza and AIDS in the developing world have reached the point where the problem transcends national boundaries, compelling some level of co-operation among nations, if they are to be effectively contained. Advances in technology has contributed to the ability to address health and wellness problems that are global in scope, harnessing the efforts of interdisciplinary groups such as visionaries, entrepreneurs, physicians, technologists, informaticians, health IT vendors, and researchers to collaborate in innovating smart mobile solutions that would benefit people regardless of nationality. GlobSmart envisions a multidisciplinary and transnational approach on global health and wellness issues by focusing research strategies on combining and expanding previous isolated efforts related to personal health records (PHRs) to build, knowledge translate and evaluate innovative mobile devices and social robots for aiding the delivery of basic healthcare services anytime, anywhere. This presentation will highlight the opportunities and challenges for creating practitioner-researcher partnerships in progressing the GlobSMART agenda.


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