HiiM Minor

Curriculum Framework

The framework of the HiiM curriculum (Minor) is composed of three components:
1) Required pre-HiiM Courses
2) Required HiiM Core Courses
3) Elective HiiM Core Courses
In total, a HiiM minor will be required to take 16 credit hours of coursework. The details of each component follow.

A. Pre-HiiM Core Courses- (2 courses - 4 Credits)

The following two courses must be completed by an applicant for a HiiM minor, and each course shall be completed with a grade C or above.

Note: the number of hours is indicated within parentheses following the course title

MDSC 2010 - Medical Terminology (1)
OT2000 - Human Functional Anatomy (3)

B. Required HiiM Core Courses-(2 courses - 6 Credits)

All of the following courses must be completed by each HiiM minor.

NUR2350/HSV2350/BUS2700 (cross-listed)- Health Info Systems and Management (3) Select one of the following:
NUR2350- Special Topics in Nursing (3)
HSV2350- Special Topics in Interdisciplinary Health Services (3)
BUS2700- Business-driven Information Technology (customized contents) (3)
NUR3330- Informatics for Health Professionals (3)

C. Elective HiiM Core Courses-(2 Courses - 6 to 7 Credits)

Each HiiM minor must take a minimum of six (6) hours of courses other than the two required ones and the HiiM Capstone Project from HiiM Cores. That is, each HiiM minor will elect two courses from the following list:

Health Care Ethics - Select one of the following:
NUR3220 - Health Ethics (3)
PHIL2010 - Introduction to Ethics(4)
PHIL3340 - Biomedical Ethics (4)
CIS3600 - Systems Analysis and Design (customized contents) (3)
CIS3660 - Information Assurance and Compliance (customized contents) (3)
CIS4600 - Business Database Applications (customized contents) (3)
HSV4800 - Health Services Practice Management (3)