School Age Program

Before and after school care

Before and after school care is available for children Kindergarten through age 12. The Children’s Place Learning Center does not provide transportation to and from school. Kalamazoo Public Schools will provide transportation from some schools in the area. Please contact Kalamazoo Public Schools' transportation department for more information.

Campus Kids summer program

Campus Kids is a great summertime program for school-aged children featuring themed weeks, special topics, weekly field trips and more. This is a terrific opportunity to bring your children to WMU, and to keep them actively learning while having fun!

  • Themed weeks run in the summer.
  • Sign up by the week, or for the entire summer.
  • For children who have completed kindergarten to age 12.
  • Registration begins in spring.
2017 Theme Weeks
June 12-16 Under the Sea
Let’s go on an underwater adventure. Venture into the deep to find out what lives in the ocean. We’ll take our pretend submarine to explore the ocean floor. We might even create an underwater habitat.
June 19–23 Out of this World
Come along as we explore the depths of outer space. What would it be like to live there or on another planet? Our imagination will be the ticket to a trip into space like you have never seen before.
June 27–July 1 Heroes and Superheroes
Have you ever wanted superhero powers? This week we’ll look at our inner superhero. Pick your superpower. We’ll also learn about what makes someone a hero. Who’s your hero?
July 3–7 Children’s Place Idol!
Here’s your chance to become a super star. Whatever your talent, this will be the week to show it off. Our focus will not only be music, but all the arts. Explore a variety of musical styles, art media and even some theatrics. And I promise Simon won’t be around to judge.
July 10–14 Children’s Place Jurassic Park
Come experience "Jurassic Park" Children’s Place style. Dinosaurs will roam again as we explore dinosaurs. We will learn about the different dinosaurs that inhabited the planet. You'll even know what a paleontologist is by the end of the week.
July 17–21 All Around the World
Get your passport ready as we fly across the ocean to different parts of the world and explore the culture, food and languages!
July 24–28 Sport Central
We've got an active week in store for all our budding athletes. We'll learn to play a variety of sport. We may even invent one. The end of the week will highlight a "field day" to show off our athletic ability.
July 30-Aug. 4 Art Hop
Engage your creative side this week. Learn to paint, sculpt and many more art media. At the end of the week, come to our Art Hop.
Aug. 7–11 Adventure Time
Get ready, we’re going on a trip with our favorite rocket ship! Build your own rocket ship and take off into space. Bring your hiking gear and take a hike through campus. You’re going to have a blast!
Aug. 14–18 Dance Machine
Put on your dancing shoes and let’s waltz through the different forms of dance. From the graceful movements of ballet to the bopping movements of hip hop. At the end of the week come join us for our dance recital.
Aug. 21–25 Animal Planet 
Are you fascinated with the animal kingdom? Have your parents ever referred to you as an animal? Then this week is your week. We’ll explore the animal world as we learn about animals in the wild and animals in your own home. 
Aug. 28–Sept. 1 Carnival 
Our traditional way of ending the summer has been our Carnival. The children create the games, decorations, even the prizes. On Friday, we hold the carnival in our upper playground. Popcorn, snow cones and lots of fun end the summer with a bang.


Rates for the summer program are the same as preschool rates.

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Registration fee

A $45/child ($75/family) registration fee is required for first-time children, or for children gone from the center over one year.

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