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Enrollment application


WMU Children's Place is available to children ages 18 months through 9 years old.

Children's Place can have no more than 38 children at any given point in the day. State licensing also has different square-footage and staffing ratio requirements for separate age categories. The maximum number of toddlers is restricted to nine at any given point and the preschool/school-age capacity is restricted to 29 at any given point throughout the day.


Enrollment priority dates for current and returning children are as follows:

Priority enrollment factors considered,
in addition to the deadline enrollment dates and actual hours available, are:

Enrollment is restricted to the maximum licensing capacity for each age group and the hourly demand for child care, with priority determined by the date of application.


The following information is provided to give you an overview of the process for enrolling your child at WMU Children's Place Learning Center.

  1. Submitting an application for enrollment places your name on our waiting list. The majority of families enrolled at the center are WMU students, and currently enrolled famlies receive priority scheduling each semester. We enroll from our waiting list after priority enrollment dates, which are:
    • Fall semester—April 25
    • Spring semester—Nov. 25
    • Summer I session—March 25
    • Summer II session—March 25

  2. Once you are notified of available space within the center for your child(ren), and signed your Child Care Agreement, you will receive an enrollment packet containing our Parent Handbook, and the required enrollment forms. At this point, we will apply the annual enrollment fee to your account. The enrollment fee is $45 for one child or $75 per family.
  3. All completed forms and paperwork must be on record at the center no later than your child's first day of attendance. Licensing rules dictate that children cannot attend the center without the appropriate paperwork on file. We must have your child's immunization record and complete physical on his/her first day of attendance. If you are awaiting a scheduled physical examination for your child, the Director can grant an extension up to the actual date of the scheduled physical only. We must have the immunization record and appointment date for the extension to be granted. Please contact the director if you are in need of an extension.
Generally the process of enrolling your child will take two days. Please give us a minimum of at least one day to process the paperwork and set up your account.