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chemistry bulding floorplan One of the newest renovations on WMU's campus, the chemistry research space presents students with spacious classroom and lab environments which accommodate physical chemistry, organic chemistry, and instruction on advanced instrumental methods.

The building offers research workspace suitable for advanced biochemistry, quantitative analysis, and chemistry coursework for health professionals. Space is also allocated for student groups of the college, and classrooms include three auditoriums used for chemistry and general education instruction. In order to preserve green space around this central portion of the university campus, all building services and utilities are delivered to the building through an underground tunnel that connects with a nearby loading dock.

Labs in Haenicke Hall are sophisticated research facilities with equipment for chromatography and nuclear magnetic resonance.  The labs include a scanning electron microscope as well as many other state of the art technologies.

Learn more about research opportunities in the Department of Chemistry.

Chemistry Building floor plan

Chemistry Building history