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Each unit in the College of Fine Arts has two digital projectors that can be reserved. The policy for use of these projectors differs between units. Please see your unit office to acquire a projector.

Many of our classroms already have a projector mounted on the ceiling for use during class. Usually these projectors are controlled through a device within the room. The table below links to specific instructions for each room.

South Kohrman
Richmond Center
K1117 - Critique Space R1004 - Lecture Hall
K1206 - Critique Space R1202 - Seminar Room
K1303 - Foundation R2008 - Lecture Hall
K1304 - Foundation
Gilmore Theatre Complex
K1305 - Foundation GTC1118 - Computer Lab
K1311 - Art Education
Dalton Center
K1314 - Art Education D1110 - Lecture Hall
K2121 - Critique Space D2111 - Classroom
K2125 - Art History D2113 - Classroom
K2303 - Painting  
K2309 - Computer Lab