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Laptop Cart

The College of Fine Arts has a mobile computer lab that contains 20 Laptops, 2 portable scanners, and a wireless laser printer. The computers have Adobe Photoshop Elements, Microsoft Office, and are wirelessly connected to the internet for online research. The cart can be used anywhere within the confines of South Korhman and the Richmond Center for Visual Arts.

Priority is given to Art Education and Art Foundation classes. The mobile lab can be reserved for the duration of your class. You can view the calendar online. To schedule the cart you must use the calendar system in WMU's Webmail+ program. First click on the calendar section (1) and create a new appointment for when you want to reserve the cart. Then under more details click on the "Find Equipment" tab (2). Search for "laptop" (3). Then click on the "Art Department laptop cart" (4) and click add. when you save the appointment it will be added to the schedule.

Appointment Request

You can pick up the cart from 1309 South Korhman. Remember to UNPLUG the cart before moving it. Please return the cart to the closet immediately following your class and plug it in to charge for the next instructor.