Counseling Psychology Doctoral Student Ray Sheets

Photo of Ray Sheets.

Admit year

Fall 2007


I was born and raised in Cambridge, Md., but spent the 12 years before relocating to Michigan living in Baltimore and Washington, D.C.


Jim Croteau

Research interests

I have a number of research interests, with most of them falling in the realm of diversity issues and minority stress. Specifically, I am interested in how sexual orientation issues intersect with other diversity variables. I have also recently begun working in the area of animal/human interaction and have interests in pet grief and the overall role that companion animals play in the lives of clients.

Professional experiences in the program

I have been fortunate enough to have held several teaching assistantships (Personality Assessment, Intellectual Assessment, Counseling Techniques) and have done some research with faculty. I have also had the recent opportunity to present at the 2007 APA convention, as well as the 2007 Great Lakes Conference.

Post-graduation plans

Upon graduating, I would like to obtain a tenure-track faculty position in Counseling Psychology. At this time, I believe that I am most interested in working at a small- to medium-sized institution, where I will have the benefit of interacting with a diverse student-body and have resources available to support my clinical and research interests. I would also like to eventually hold a small, private practice on the side.