Associate Professor has Article Published in National Journal

Oct. 21,2015

Dr. Glinda RawlsDr. Glinda Rawls, associate professor of counselor education and counseling psychology, recently had her article, “Listening to our voices: Experiences of Black faculty at predominantly White research universities with microaggression,” published in the Journal of Black Studies. 

The article discusses research done by using a Scholarly Personal Narrative (SPN) approach to exploring the lived experience of four Black tenured-track and tenured faculty at three large public universities, which are predominately white institutions.  Through data analysis, researchers uncovered the following four themes: 1) microaggressions were common occurrences, 2) futile to approach the agressors, 3) stress, and 4) resiliency while in a white dominated field.  The article then discusses ways that black faculty and academic administrators could address these issues.

Dr. Rawls co-authored the article with Dave Louis, Dimitra Jackson-Smith, Glenn Chambers, LaTricia Phillips, and Sarah Louis.