Assistant Professor Publishes Journal Article

Feb. 3, 2016

Image of Dr. Stephanie BurnsDr. Stephanie Burns has published a peer-reviewed journal article in The Journal of Employment Counseling titled, Predictive Validity of Person Matching at the Scale and Discriminant Analysis Levels. Validity comparisons (including hit rates, kappa coefficients, and chance expectancy rates) were made between person matching at the scale and discriminant analysis (DA) levels with 5,143 medical students who had taken Medical Specialty Preference Inventory-Revised (MSPI-R) interest inventory and had entered their medical residency. Person matching using the 30 discriminant analysis items demonstrated the greatest ability to assign test takers to the highest number of occupations at a rate greater than chance. The 30 DA items equaled a previous study's person matching hit rate at the item level using all 150 items on the MPSI-R.  This was surprising as Kuder asserted that person matching was best performed by using all of the items on the interest inventory. However no calculation of person matching was able to outperform standard scoring with the same participants using the MSPI-R.

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