Career Connections Research Center

Career Connections Research Center



Western Michigan University

Illinois Office of Educational Services
Contacts: Carol Brooks and Herbert Williams

Illinois State Board of Education

National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity, Inc.
Contact: Mimi Lufkin

State and Federal Agencies

Illinois State Board - Special Education Services
Contact: Susan Walter

National Science Foundation

U.S. Dept. of Ed, Office of Special Ed Program

Educational Institutions

WMU College of Education

Illinois Institute of Technology
Contact: Ruth Sweetser

Michigan Career and Technical Institute

Associations and Centers

Computing Technology Industry Association
Contact: Janet Bray

Education to Careers (E2C) Comp TIA

Illinois Association for Career and Technical Education

National Association of State Directors of Career and Technical Education Consortium
Contact: Kimberly Green

National Research Center for Career and Technical Education
Contact: Dr. Floyd McKinney

National Women's Law Center

Wider Opportunities for Women
Contact: Joan Kuriansky

Women Work! The National Network for Women's Employment


CIMP Resources (formarly with Multi State Academic and Vocational Curriculum Consortium)


Career Connections Research Center
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