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Objectives and Purpose of ASCE

The main objective of the ASCE Student Chapter is to encourage its members to study civil and construction engineering and to advance the profession.

The American Society of Civil Engineers, the oldest national professional engineering society, was founded in 1852 with an objective to enhance the welfare of humanity by advancing the science and profession of civil engineering.  More than 125,000 individual ASCE members are engaged in engineering education, research, public agency, industrial, construction, and private engineering practice.

Why Join ASCE?

Membership gives students a chance to apply knowledge from the classroom to “real world” situations, such as designing and building a steel bridge or a concrete canoe. Students get the opportunity to apply their engineering knowledge in events such as regional student conferences, also learn about teamwork, leadership, and ethics required in the engineering profession.

Joining ASCE is a way for students to meet practicing engineers. Through business meetings, tailgates, socials, and many other activities, students make contacts with practicing engineers on a more personal level.

ASCE also provides students opportunities to interact with the faculty members and other students outside of the classroom. 

Members of ASCE are also given the opportunity to give back to the community.   Every year the ASCE chapter participates in Adopt-A-Highway, Helping Hands, Habitat-For-Humanity, and also coordinates activities with local high schools.


ASCE Concrete Canoe

This year the WMU ASCE student chapter entered in the regional Concrete Canoe Competition.  An almost totally student run project, the canoe represents a culmination of several determined individuals coming together to step up to the contest presented by the ASCE.  The canoe creates a more realistic problem for the team itself, outside of the class room and not only in the design process, but in each and every step of the way, from the mix design right down to the teamwork.  It is a beneficial lesson in how to work together to get something accomplished.  Every person’s input and assistance is essential to the overall process.  This year, Western was ready to take on the challenge and overcome the obstacles presented with a project of this magnitude.