• Group of students nominated for student employee of the year

    Student Employee Appreciation Week, February 19-23

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  • Post-graduation success 16-17. 91% employed or in grad school. Median salary 40-45K. 88% satisfied with job. 77% work in Michigan. 85% have jobs related to major.
  • The Career Chat Kiosk by Sangren Hall

    Introducing the Career Chat Kiosk rolling career information to Broncos! Check our events page to see when the Kiosk will be on campus and who will be rolling with it.


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Career and Student Employment Services holds diversity and inclusion as one of our seven core values. We understand that each individual is unique and has a valuable contribution to the world of work. To help you celebrate your unique identities and articulate the strengths of those identities to potential employers, we have compiled a list of resources that can guide you during your job search. For more personalized advice and assistance, please schedule an appointment with a Career Development Specialist by calling (269) 387-2745.

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