Social Media Platforms


  • Design a professional profile highlighting your job and educational experiences.
  • Network with industry professionals.
  • Connect with successful alumni.
  • Apply directly to internships and jobs.
  • Conduct company research.
  • Follow specific companies and well known professionals.
  • Join specific industry group discussions.

LinkedIn Profile Checklist


  • Use your profile to showcase your professional history.
  • Reclassify specific friends into a “Professional” list.
  • Post and comment on professional content.
  • Create networking connections with existing friends.

Always operate with the assumption that employers will search and review your Facebook profile. All Facebook profiles should either be professional or locked to outside viewers. Don’t let your Facebook activity cost you a job opportunity.


  • Create a professional profile on a Twitter account.
  • Follow specific professionals and organizations within your industry of interest.
  • Tweet and retweet links related to your career objectives.
  • Send private tweets to possible professional mentors.


  • Post engaging photos of yourself at work.
  • Post photos of yourself at professional conferences or industry related events.
  • Text images of industry related content.
  • Post photos of companies.