Lindsay (French) Brandon—Sparking Creativity

By Jessica Sliver, communications internLindsay Brandon

Gaining experience in the advertising scene prior to graduation gave Lindsay (French) Brandon, B.B.A.’05, the jumpstart she needed to enter the world of advertising. Brandon first was able to secure an internship with a local advertising firm during her last semester of college. One opportunity after another led to Brandon’s current role as the director of marketing at Michigan Hearing LLC.

For Brandon, this position stands out from all other positions because of the many roles that are incorporated into the duties of the director of marketing. She is responsible for implementing and launching marketing for 27 offices statewide, while at the same time marketing the continual education on hearing aids and their positive benefits for those with hearing loss. Her responsibilities range from measuring monthly and quarterly statistics and building brand reputation and awareness to coordinating communication between marketing pieces and offices all over the state. Even though the multiple roles of the position can be challenging for Brandon, the outcome is worth it.

“It is very rewarding when I can show that my work and progress show profit for the company and also help in educating more people about this growing health concern,” says Brandon.

The Haworth College of Business supplied many opportunities for Brandon to gain real-world knowledge within her major and left her with more than just a diploma. The combined experience as a member of WMU’s AdClub, the business fraternity Phi Chi Theta and class projects has helped guide her through challenges she experiences in each of her job roles.

 “The college truly builds its education around real-world experiences,” says Brandon.

One of Brandon’s favorite courses, creative strategy, offered many necessary skills that she uses on a daily basis. The class showed her the process of developing an invention and was the “it” factor that made her conclude marketing and advertising was the right career path to pursue. Her work at the college of business also taught Brandon the imperative skill of teamwork.  Within her job, Brandon encourages viewpoints from all of the departments in Michigan Hearing LLC.

“When you get a group of creative, motivated people together to build an idea or concept, you can’t help but to feel inspired by one another. We all have a spark of creativity within us,” she says.