International Student Resources

Are you an international student who is looking to continue your professional career in the U.S.?

If you are interested in applying for jobs in the U.S. while you are studying at Western Michigan University or after graduation, it is important to be aware that there are differences in the job search process between countries. This information is designed to provide valuable information and resources on the most important topics when it comes the U.S. job search process. These topics include resumes, interviewing, the job search process, information about visas and contact information for additional resources.


Resumes for International Students — outlines the differences between resumes in the U.S. and international resumes. Along with outlining the differences, it will provide tips specific tips for content to add to your resume and will briefly discuss what a cover letter is used for in the U.S. For more tips and resume samples, explore our resume and cover letter resources.

Interviewing for International Students — provides the do's and don'ts of interviewing in the U.S. and how these norms may differ from country to country. Interviewing is an extremely vital step in the job search process so it is important to know how to convey yourself and what steps to take following the interview.  For more information on interviewing, explore our interview resources.

Job Search Process for International Students — provides an overview of the basic components of the job search process, including links to job search sites, VISA information and a list of companies who hire international students. For more information on the job search process, explore our internship and job search resources

resources have been researched and modified by the Career Center at the Haworth College of Business from the following locations:
Purdue Online Writing Lab,, Vanderbilt University International Students and Scholar Services, and MIT Careers Office.