Information for Students

Externship activities

Each Western Michigan University student who participates in an externship will have a unique experience. Some possible activities include the following:

  • Complete short pre-externship assignment requested by employer
  • Observe day-to-day activities in a professional work environment
  • Conduct informational interviews with your professional mentor or other staff members
  • Attend business meetings or lunches
  • Assist with day-to-day responsibilities
  • Participate in a short-term project
  • Experience various corporate cultures and work environments

Length of externships

The length of each externship will be determined by your professional mentor. A typical externship will range in length from one to three days.

Externship time frame

Most externships will occur during the "hot spot," the period immediately following the conclusion of spring semester, which is usually the first three weeks in May. Professional mentors may wish to select a date outside of this period and will arrange the date directly with a student.

Matching process

  • Students will be notified via email of their match or matches on Match Day!
  • Once notified, students will have a few days to accept an externship match and select a workshop date. Students must deliver their enrollment form to the career center in person.
  • After delivering the enrollment form, students will complete an online extern profile that will be shared with their professional  mentor(s).

Application Information

Program Requirements