College Awards

Each year the Haworth College of Business honors alumni and industry partners with awards for outstanding leadership in business and service.

Do you know of an individual who should be considered for an award? Send an email to to add your suggestion to our list of nominees.

Outstanding Alumni Achievement Award

David C. Hoogendoorn, B.B.A.’88 (2014)

Debbie Kenyon-Cassidy, B.B.A.’89 (2014)


Theodore B. Stone, B.B.A.’78 (2014)


Laura C. Kendall, B.B.A.’73 (2013)

Brian P. Thomas, B.B.A. '96 (2013)

John C. Valluzzo, B.B.A. '82 (2013)

Kim G. Dadlani, B.B.A.’77, MBA’90 (2012)


Birgit M. Klohs, B.B.A.’83 (2012)

Michael L. Gulino, B.A.’65, MBA’66 (2011)

Outstanding Service Award

Stephen K. Parker, B.B.A.’67,
MBA’07 (2014)

The Zeigler Family (2013)

Willard A. Brown Jr., B.S.'53 (2012)

Angela Davis Robinson, B.S.’74

Outstanding Young Alumni Award


Matthew D. Mace, B.B.A.’98 (2014)

Jennifer K. Rutledge, B.B.A.’04 (2014)

Antonio B. Neves, B.B.A. '99 (2013)

Kristina L. Sabatos, B.B.A. '00 (2013)

Benjamin M. Levy, B.B.A.'04 (2012)

Joel A. Mueller, B.B.A.'02 (2012)

Aaron J. Vronko, B.B.A.'06 (2012)

Tyler J. Colton, B.B.A.’06 (2011)


Department awards