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Spring 2007 Honors and Awards

The Department of Biological Sciences at Western Michigan University annually recognizes students who have made significant contributions through scholarly activities, as well as service, research, and leadership.

Jamie Timmins, Dr. KohlerDistinguished Senior in Biology

Jamie Timmins presented by Dr. Kohler


Distinguished Senior in Biomedical Sciences

Dima Akl presented by Dr. Scott (not pictured)

Caroline Clifford, Dr. BarkmanDistinguished Pre-Professional in Biological Sciences

Caroline Clifford presented by Dr. Barkman



Shruti Sevak, Dr. StapletonMerrill Wiseman Award in Microbiology

Shruti Sevak presented by Dr. Rossbach



Shruti Sevak, Dr. StapletonPresidental Scholar in Biological Sciences

Shruti Sevak presented by Dr. Stapleton



Distinguished Biological Sciences Graduate Student

Andrea Kryger presented by Dr. Malcolm Petra Kohler and Dr. Rossbach



Graduate Student Awards for Teaching Effectiveness (Given by The Graduate College)

Masters - Teaching

Jennifer Smith presented by Dr. Spitsbergen


Ph.D. - Teaching

Julie Ryan presented by Dr. Kohler



Graduate Research and Creative Scholar Awards (Given by The Graduate College)

Masters - Research

April Reedy presented by Dr. Bejcek

Ph.D. - Research

Nathan Peplinski presented by Dr. Spitsbergen



Margaret Thomas Du Mond Award

Sarah Wood presented by Dr. Barkman (not pictured)

Hazel Wirick Scholarship

Christine Carpenter presented by Dr. Malcolm (not pictured)

Peter Scott presented by Dr. Barkman (not pictured)

Leo C. Vander Beek Graduate Student Plant Biology Award

Derrick Hilton presented by Dr. Malcolm (not pictured)

Colin J. Gould Memorial Scholarship

Nathaniel Meyer presented by Dr. Spitsbergen



Frank Hinds Zoology Award

Matthew Burr and West Bishop presented by Dr. Cowan



MPI Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award

Jamie Johnson presented by Dr. Byrd-Jacobs


MPI Outstanding Graduate Research Award

Daniel Kueh presented by Dr. Linn