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About Finch Plant Science Greenhouse

The greenhouse is comprised of four gutter connected glass houses that amount to approximately 5000 sq. ft. Twelve seperate environmental zones are controlled by three Wadsworth Micro-Step computer boards located in the greenhouse. These boards are linked to a Tenex 486 p.c. located in the supporting head-house and storage area, which allows for better data collection and handling. A weather station is also linked to the boards and p.c., which feeds current weather conditions into the computers.

Features of each zone include: ro-flo rolling benches constructed from heavy gauge galvanized steal supports and steel-aluminum corrosion resistant trays, screened side and ridge vents, exhaust fans, P and L high pressure 430 watt sodium lamps, and push-pull aluminum shade curtains.

Each zone has a sampling aspirator which sends zone conditions to the computer every 15 seconds. Three portable water cooled air conditioning units are used in the summer months for reserach projects that require more critical temperature control.

Wadsworth Micro-Step computer boards

Supporting Head-house and storage area

Weather station

Ro-Flo rolling benches

430 watt sodium lamp