Behind the W

Behind the W: A Brand Ambassador's Program is a three-part series of employee workshops created to strengthen our internal brand building efforts and to provide employees with the tools to communicate and build the WMU brand.

The workshops are 3 hours each and focus on the following topics:

  1. "Understanding the WMU Identity"
    • History and foundation of Western Michigan University

    • Brand proposition and three pillars of the Strategic Plan

    • WMU Students, quality programs, people, and alumni

    • Role playing examples
  2. "Understanding WMU Audiences and Ways to Communicate With Them"
    • Identification of the multiple audiences and what they have in common

    • Different expectations of different audiences

    • Different modes of communications and what is appropriate in particular situations

    • The importance of being professional in our communications

    • Formulating messages about WMU
  3. "WMU Communication Guidelines and Standards"
    • Why is it important that we have guidelines

    • Seals, logos, colors, design
    • Web standards, writing standards
    • WMU visual identity program

    • Communication resources on campus

Workshops are open to any faculty or staff member. This brand building and employee development program was developed through a partnership involving the Integrated Marketing Team, the Office of University Relations and WMU Human Resources. It builds on similar successful programs offered at Virginia Tech and Rutgers universities. Early last year one of the Rutgers developers was invited to campus to share the benefits and structure of that institution's program.

2014 Schedule

Workshop #1

  • September 12
  • September 26
  • November 7

Workshop #2

  • August 1
  • October 17
  • October 31
  • December 5

Workshop #3

  • August 15
  • October 24
  • November 14
  • December 12

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