• Photo of Karen Lancendorfer and Greg Rosine

    Karen Lancendorfer and Greg Rosine

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    José Vasquez-Javier

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    Elena Gaudio

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    Gary Barton

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    Chris Harris

Brand Ambassador Program is a three-part series of employee workshops created to strengthen our internal brand building efforts and to provide employees with the knowledge and tools to communicate and build the WMU brand. Workshops are open to any faculty or staff member.

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The workshops are three hours each and focus on the following topics:

  1. Understanding the WMU Identity
    • Explores the history and foundation of WMU
    • Explains the WMU brand promise and how it relates to the Strategic Plan
    • Highlights the elements of the brand promise—WMU Students, quality programs, people and alumni
    • Exercises new knowledge in different role playing examples
  2. Understanding WMU Audiences and Ways to Communicate With Them
    • Identifies WMU's multiple audiences and how they relate to the University
    • Addresses audiences' communication expectations
    • Teaches message formulation that connect with our values
    • Provides insight on what communication is appropriate in particular situations
  3. WMU Communication Guidelines and Standards
    • Defines brand and stresses its importance
    • Clarifies WMU guidelines for seals, logos, colors and design
    • Reviews the WMU web and writing standards
    • Reviews best practices for social media and e-marketing
    • Highlights different communication resources available on campus

2016 schedule

All workshops (full day)

  • Dec. 9


Workshop #1

  • Feb. 3
  • June 2
  • Aug. 4
  • Oct. 6

Workshop #2

  • Feb. 10
  • June 9
  • Aug. 11
  • Oct. 13

Workshop #3

  • Feb. 17
  • June 16
  • Aug. 18
  • Oct. 20

All workshops (full day)

  • April 21
  • Dec. 8