TracDat is the Web-based tool that WMU is using to store departmental and/or program assessment plans and strategic plans

The TracDat system:

  • Houses historical progress of assessment and strategic planning
  • Tracks data for program improvement and departmental improvement and enables follow-up to ensure that the changes that are made and initiatives that are implemented have the intended effect
  • Allows for easy retrieval of evidence and results
  • Allows for program assessment to be tied to institution-wide assessment
  • Stores departmental strategic planning initiatives that can be tied to the institution-wide strategic planning
  • Contains pre-formatted reports that are dynamically available at any time to share electronically
  • Contains the ability to write Ad Hoc reports to display data to suit the needs of system users
  • All assessment plans are to be entered into TracDat
  • Login to TracDat
  • WMU TracDat Version 5 Userguide (step-by-step instructions for how to navigate the system)


Assistance with TracDat

If you are a faculty or staff member at WMU and would like to set up a TracDat account or have any questions about an existing account, please contact Karen Stokes Chapo for assistance.