Teaching, Learning and Assessment

The Teaching, Learning and Assessment Committee promotes, strengthens, and recognizes innovation and excellence in teaching, learning and assessment at both the graduate and undergraduate level, across the College of Arts and Sciences at Western Michigan University.

The committee serves as a clearing house and advisory board for relevant matters across the college. Examples of potential activities supported by this committee include:

  • Organize and promote workshops on best practices for online education and assessment
  • Facilitate discussions about the future of general education
  • Award funds from dedicated fund and cost center to support related activities
  • Make recommendation to the dean for annual awards in teaching and assessment
  • Support efforts to promote assessment of student learning outcomes across the curriculum

In line with the college strategic plan, the committee will support the implementation of the following initiatives:

  • A1 – Promote liberal arts education as foundational to lifelong learning
  • B2 – Expand interdisciplinary and experiential earning opportunities
  • B3 – Identify and promote liberal arts and sciences themes in general education
  • B4 – Emphasize the critical role of liberal arts and sciences across the curriculum
  • B5 – Strengthen retention and academic support


If you are interested in serving on the committee or if you have questions about it, please contact the College of Arts and Sciences Office of the Dean.

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