Strategic Planning

On January 17, the new CAS Strategic Plan Review Committee met to begin its work of reconsidering the CAS plan in the light of current opportunities and challenges. As Dean Enyedi said, "Although we are only midway through the College of Arts and Sciences strategic plan’s three-year implementation cycle (2012-15), heightened concern about such factors as the budget situation, student enrollment, and faculty attrition suggest the need to step back and reconsider where we are and where we're going." After an enthusiastic response to Dean Enyedi's call for nominations, 19 committee members were selected, including faculty, staff, and students from all across the College. They have been charged with evaluating the plan and providing recommendations with respect to its strengths and weaknesses. "You will see from the plan's most recent implementation report (CAS Strategic Plan Progress Report) that impressive progress has been made in nearly every area," explained Associate Dean Cathryn Bailey. "The decision to systematically review the strategic plan is based on our desire to continue this pattern of success," she added. 

The committee is sharing its recommendations and soliciting anonymous feedback. "One of the most important aspects of the process is to get feedback from the CAS community about the road we're on," said Dean Enyedi. With stakeholders' input in mind, the final revisions will be made and shared publicly by the end of February. 

Committee Members:
Ms. Jacquelyn Bizzell, CAS Adviser
Dr. Jonathan Bush, Chair, English
Dr. Jim Butterfield, Faculty, Political Science
Dr. Autumn Edwards, Faculty, Communication
Ms. Mackenzie Farage, Undergraduate Student, Gender and Women's Studies
Dr. Megan Grunart, Faculty, MISE and Chemistry
Dr. Lynne Heasley, Faculty, Environmental Studies and History
Dr. Sarah Hill, Anthropology and Environmental Studies
Dr. Kirk Korista, Chair, Physics
Dr. Todd Kuchta, Faculty, English
Dr. Ed Martini, CAS Associate Dean
Mr. Eric Mendes, Graduate Student, Comparative Religion
Ms. Sue Nap, CAS Budget Analyst
Dr. Pablo Pastrana-Pérez, Faculty, Spanish
Dr. Stephanie Peterson, Chair, Psychology
Dr. Cynthia Visscher, Faculty, Comparative Religion
Dr. Maarten Vonhof, Faculty, Environmental Studies and Biological Sciences
Ms. Jenaba Waggy, Office Coordinator, World Languages and Literatures

Facilitated by: Dr. Cathryn Bailey, CAS Associate Dean
Administrative Support: Ms. Lauren Carney, CAS Office Associate

Strategic Plan Progress Report - April 16, 2013 

College of Arts and Sciences Strategic Plan

Strategic plan history

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Committee members 

Cathryn Bailey
Edwin Martini
Myla Edmond
Kim Hunt
Kevin Knutson
Don Weber