Duplication Center

May 3, 2015

With the end of the semester here, the decision has been made to permanently close the College of Arts and Sciences Duplication Center. Our college has subsidized the service for many years; however, demand has changed dramatically in the last few years. Most departments have their own copy machine, and many faculty now use elearning for classroom materials instead of distributing copied documents, which has led to an additional decline in the volume of requests for the Duplication Center.

Many of you have appreciated the benefit of the large format printer for posters; however, this service alone cannot support the subsidized printing service. As such, you'll now need to use other sources that are available for printing posters, classroom materials or color flyers both on campus and off campus. As part of this decision to close the Duplication Center, Liz Roe who operated it is now a Finance Analyst in our Budget and Personnel Office for the college.

Keith M. Hearit, Ph.D.
Interim Dean

Duplicating options

  • Your department copier for copies.
  • Megee Copy Desk, (269) 387-4466, in the Bernhard Center for copies.
  • FedEx, (269) 342-5700 on W Michigan for copies and posters.
  • Print Lab (email Mark Cummins for information on copies and posters).
  • Bronco Sign Shop, (269) 387-8597, (high end, durable posters, signs).


Flier, newsletter and PowerPoint templates

Flier, newsletter and PowerPoint templates are available through marketing and communications.