CAS Welcomes New Faculty Members

The College of Arts and Sciences at Western Michigan University is proud to welcome 21 stellar new members to its faculty. Early career faculty are critical to achieve the mission and vision of the College of Arts and Sciences. They represent the renewal and sustainability of the liberal arts at WMU. Each individual joining the ranks of faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences brings unique skill, expertise and creativity that will enhance WMU's teaching, learning, discovery and service missions.

These faculty members join 16 schools, departments and programs within the College of Arts and Sciences, are graduates of 32 institutions from all over the world and are listed below. To view their biographies please visit the 2014 new faculty booklet.

Nichole Andrews, Department of Statistics
Dr. Ashley Atkins, Department of Philosophy
Dr. Zbigniew Chajecki, Department of Physics
Dr. Minerva Cruz, School of Public Affairs and Administration
Dr. Janelle DeWitt, Department of Philosophy
Dr. Dan Dolson, Department of Philosophy
Bradford Dykes, Department of Statistics
Dr. Kristen Hatten, School of Communication
Geronimo Johnson, Department of English
Dr. Robert Kagumba, Mallinson Institute for Science Education
Dr. Jeanne LaHaie, Department of English
Dr. Daniel Macfarlane, Environmental and Sustainability Studies
Dr. Michelle Machicek, Department of Anthropology
Dr. Carlos Luis Pimentel, Department of World Languages and Literatures
Dr. Adrienne Redding, Department of English
Dr. Diane E. Riggs, Department of Comparative Religion
Dr. Denise Ross, Department of Psychology
Dr. Kelly Trusty, School of Public Affairs and Administration
Dr. Mercedes Tubino-Blanco, Department of Spanish
Kelly Wittenberg, School of Communication
Dr. Jian Yao, Department of Biological Sciences