EDT 5030 - Educational Technology Academy: Special Topics in Education

This course is designed to permit students to update knowledge and skills in current educational technology and apply this learning for use in educational programs for students in pre-kindergarten through college programs. Such applications include methods of using computers, digital design, video and audiovisual technologies in literacy development, content area programs, instructional management, and the arts, as well as others appropriate to preservice and inservice professions. Participation in the course presumes subject matter knowledge and basic computer literacy on the part of the students. Final course outcomes include application of material to the classroom/workplace. These ETA offerings bring students with specific needs, instructors with unique expertise and facilities with appropriate resources together for intensive and highly-focused learning experiences. May be repeated.

Credits: 1-3 hrs.

Notes: Open to Upperclass and Graduate Students. May be repeated.

Online Availability: Fall, Spring, and Summer I sessions