ART 5380: Metals / Jewelry Workshop (1 - 6 hrs)

The 5380 course of study focuses on a deeper investigation/expectation from the individual students personal research, technical abilities within the medium, and pursuit of an overall body of work. Importance is placed on craft, technical skill building, problem solving and conceptual ideation. Students taking 5380 for the first time are expected to engage with the assignments given and find answers to conceptual challenges presented within the structure of the course material. As a student matriculates through the program and takes the 5380 course multiple times - an independent course of study is mutually determined between the student and professor. For each additional credit taken beyond three per semester, the student is responsible for an approved independent project. Research, drawings and reasonable timelines in the form of typed proposals are to be presented to the professor for each additional project.

Prerequisite: ART 3380. Repeatable for credit.