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Art Education B.F.A. Curriculum

Basic studies requirements 12

1040 Object Drawing*
1050 Drawing Studio*
1070 Form and Surface*
1080 Form and Space*
*Prerequisites for all studio art and art education majors and minors

Writing requirement 3

3250 Writing About Art

Studio art distribution 21

2100 Life Drawing
2300 Ceramics
2400 Painting
2160 Black and White Photography I
2750 Video Art I
3470 Digital Photography I
2310 Sculpture
2380 Jewelry / Metals
2410 Intaglio and Relief
2430 Lithography
2460 Screenprinting

Studio art concentration 9

Intermediate and advanced level coursework (3000-5000 Level) in one studio area.

Art history 12

2200 History of Art
2210 History of Art

One elective in non-Western art history
2220 Art of Africa, Oceania and the Americas
2230 Intro to Asian Art History

One elective in contemporary art history
3900 20th Century Art: 1945–present
4360 Contemporary/Alternative Art
other contemporary art history elective upon approval of art education area coordinator

Professional concentration in art ed 18

3520 Prep. for Elementary Art Education
4520 Prep. for Secondary Art Education
5520 Art Education Practicum (must be repeated for a total of 12 credits)

Teacher education 9

ED 2500 Human Development and Learning
LS 3050 Content Area Literacy
ES 3950 School and Society
(see the education advisor, 2504 Sangren, for info concerning mandatory Michigan tests)

Intern teaching 24

ED 4100 Seminar in Education
ED 4710 Intern Teaching: Elementary/Middle
ED 4100 Seminar in Education
ED 4750 Intern Teaching: Middle/Secondary

Portfolio Reviews

Portfolio reviews for admission into the B.F.A. in Art Education program will be held in the Spring semester of the Freshman year, and will be applicable for admission in the Fall semester of the Sophomore year. In order to remain in this program students must take their Art Education courses in their proper sequence.