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Joshua Nowicki, alumnus, braved blizzard conditions to take striking images of frozen sand formations on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Dr. William M. Cremin, professor emeritus of anthropology and a key member of the anthropology department for more than three decades, died Sept. 10 in Marshall. He was 72.

Emily Powell, graduate student in anthropology, honors her father by volunteering.

Student Success Resources in the College of Arts and Sciences and other University resources can help you perform to the best of your abilities in your classes.

Dr. Bilinda Straight has been awarded a $135,891 National Science Foundation grant to study the impact of intercommunity violence on young people in rural northern Kenya.

Study anthropology

We provide students anthropological knowledge and critical thinking skills through teaching, mentoring, and conducting both scholarly and applied research. Anthropology is a means to enhance our understanding of the human condition by integrating historical, cultural, and biological perspectives. Our faculty and students are committed to the practice of anthropology as a critical social science that appreciates human diversity and challenges global inequities.

The four field and integrative approach to the study of the human condition includes classes in: