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Department of Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences encompass a variety of disciplines that involve the study of living matter in all of its wonderfully diverse forms.  Our programs reflect the broad spectrum of these disciplines, giving students the opportunity to receive advanced training in specialties ranging from cellular and molecular biology to ecology and evolution.  The department’s primary goals are to provide an environment that will foster excitement and curiosity about the life sciences and to prepare students to function as productive members of the academic, private, and public scientific communities. The diversity of graduate faculty permits students to tailor a program that meets their individual needs and career goals. 

Department of Chemistry

The intimate size of our program allows unusual flexibility and more direct contact with faculty.  With emphasis on environmental chemistry, nanotechnology and biochemistry, the Chemistry Department welcomes prospective graduate students to link to our website and get a glimpse of our activities.  Our engaging faculty bring vitality to the classroom and research laboratory that is stimulating to and supporting of students at all levels.

Department of Computer Science

The program is designed to provide research expertise in computer science. Specific areas of research include numerical analysis, parallel algorithms and distributed computing, databases, data projection and visual exploration, graphics and visualization,  high speed networks and wireless communications, computer network security, optical communication and telecommunication networks, software engineering, theory and analysis of algorithms and wireless sensor networks. The program also permits students to acquire expertise in closely related fields such as computer engineering and mathematics. Students completing the program are typically well qualified for teaching and research positions with colleges and universities as well as with national and international industries and laboratories.

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

The Electrical and Computer Engineering program is designed to provide students advanced electrical/computer engineering education and research opportunities.  The program engages students in independent research in the field of electrical/computer engineering which prepares them for research and development in many areas including Intelligent Sensor Systems, Micro and Nano Electromechanical Systems, Image Processing, Nonlinear Circuits and Systems, Embedded Systems, Control Systems, Reconfigurable Digital Systems, Digital Electronics, Intelligent Systems Using Fuzzy Logic, Wireless Technology, Artificial and Biological Neural Networks and Power Electronics.

Department of Geosciences

Geosciences is home to a vibrant group of students and faculty completing diverse research projects in the areas of hydrology, geochemistry, geophysics, sedimentology & petroleum geology and remote sensing/GIS. Our students have access to unique facilities including the Michigan Basin Core Research Facility and a comprehensive summer Hydrology Field Camp and have opportunities to complete field work in locations including South America, Europe and the Middle East. Recent graduates are employed in academia, environmental consulting and petroleum industries and with state and federal agencies.

Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

The Ph.D. program in Industrial Engineering at Western Michigan University  is designed to prepare its graduates to be innovative and be leaders in their chosen field, be it academia or industry.  Our Ph.D. students have focused on ergonomics, supply chain management, engineering management and production systems.  The graduate faculty are actively engaged in funded healthcare research.  This program is designed to develop the student’s academic and research expertise while providing a full breadth of experience in both the classroom and the industrial workplace.  WMU’s program is the only Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering in Michigan with a core area of engineering management. The program is designed to provide top notch graduate education serving its students during their education and in their careers. 

Department of Mathematics

Do you want to be a valued member of a dedicated group rather than one face in the crowd? Looking for a large university experience with a small community feel? Study mathematics, mathematics education, and applied mathematics in a large school with a small, friendly community, with open and accessible professors and supportive peers. Our graduate students receive a considerable amount of individualized attention and encouragement from faculty, staff, and students. Being a graduate student at Western Michigan provides ample opportunities to gain experience in teaching, supervising undergraduate research, interning with local schools and firms, and participating on committees, in addition to terrific research opportunities with nationally and internationally known faculty. Get well-rounded career training -- get going to the WMU Mathematics Department!

Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering

The graduate programs reflect the broad spectrum of graduate education in mechanical engineering including fluid mechanics, heat transfer, solid mechanics, tribology, dynamics, vibration, acoustics, control, aerodynamics, design, alternate energy, and propulsion. The department owns state-of-the-art laboratories in fluid mechanics, heat transfer, aerodynamics, solid mechanics, tribology, acoustics, and coherent optics. The department supports a balanced approach to teaching and research. Graduates are prepared to make strong contribution to either industry or academia.

Department of Paper Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Imaging

Our graduate program in Paper and Imaging Science and Engineering focuses on preparing our students to generate knowledge and be ready and able to accept research and development responsibilities upon employment. In addition to academic positions, many are working in assisting industry in the design and development of technologies and products based on sound theoretical principles. Our program is the only one in the US that combines Paper, Printing and Chemical Engineering in one unique graduate program.

Department of Physics

We have a dynamic graduate program in Physics, with opportunities in several research areas of current interest. Students can work with highly-qualified faculty advisors whether they choose an experimental or theoretical emphasis. Our department is large enough to provide this variety, while small enough to offer flexibility and lots of attention from our faculty and staff. On-campus research facilities are highlighted by a 6 MV tandem Van de Graaff accelerator, but graduate students regularly participate in research at major facilities off-campus as well. Be sure to check out the awards and scholarships available through our web site, as well as the "Research" tab at the top, which will give you more information on our faculty and their areas of specialization.

Department of Statistics

Opportunities exist to tailor both coursework and dissertation topics in our program, thus providing maximum flexibility to the student. Dissertation topics can be in applied or theoretical statistics. Our faculty expertise covers a wide range of areas in statistics including cross-disciplinary areas outside of Statistics. This often allows the student to find a current topic of common interest to him/her and the faculty advisor. The Statistical Computation Lab offers the student an opportunity to consult on real problems which may be either external to WMU or internal from other departments.  Students work in groups under faculty supervision. Such work may, also, evolve into a dissertation topic. Visit our website and find out more information on our program.

Mallinson Institute for Science Education (MISE)

 The MISE doctoral program is ideal for those wishing to pursue a career in science education. The institute currently has ten full time faculty, eight with joint appointments in science departments and two in the College of Education. The PhD program has three different tracks:

  • The K-12 Curriculum & Instruction track is for those who are preparing for careers in science teacher education that emphasizes curriculum development.
  • The College Science Teaching track is for those would like to pursue a career teaching science at the college level at a community college or a teaching-focused university.
  • The Science-Discipline Specific Research track is for those who wish to specialize in research on teaching and learning issues associated with a particular science.

 A major goal of MISE is to provide financial support (stipend, tuition, benefits) for all full time students.  Please visit our web site for Information about all of these programs, as well as the many strengths of the Mallinson Institute.

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