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Africana Studies

Admission to the Africana Studies Program is suspended pending review of the curriculum, effective fall 2011.


Africana Studies is an interdisciplinary and comparative program leading to a baccalaureate degree (major) in Africana Studies with an emphasis choice in:

  1. Black Americana Studies or
  2. African Studies.

The Africana Studies minor is also an option.

Using methodologies from humanities, fine arts, and social science disciplines, our courses introduce students to examine the structure, organization, problems, and perspectives of Blacks in North America and throughout the African diaspora. Students learn how to read texts that demand deep critical assessment. Their critical faculty is developed with demanding writing assignments that test their ability to analyze arguments and to define with care basic terms, complex theories, and central concepts. The curriculum engages students in theoretical, practical, and applied learning through classroom, experiential/cultural, and field experience.

Africana Studies works collaboratively on research, policy, diversity, and programming with the Lewis Walker Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnic Relations, the Division of Multicultural Affairs, and other academic units at WMU as well as local, state, and regional constituents.